dr. Priyal Doshi

About Dr. Priyal Doshi

Dr. Priyal Doshi has cared for physical therapy patients at hospitals, health systems and private practices in Georgia, New York and California. She launched her career under the mentorship of the president of the Indian Association of Physical Therapy, and physical therapist of the Indian Cricket League.

Priyal earned a doctorate in physical therapy from Utica College in Utica, NY, and a master’s in business administration from AIU, Los Angeles. Priyal completed dry needling certification and a diploma in osteopractic from the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy. She has also advanced her education in vestibular rehab and women’s health.


Priyal has a special interest in treating patients with headache, cervicogenic discomfort, TMJ and craniofacial pain. Priyal personally experienced the pain and discomfort of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder that caused excruciating headaches. She visited many specialists and attempted different therapies. Incorporating what she learned and experienced, she has been symptom-free now with specialized physical therapy techniques.



Cranio Facial Pain

Dizziness and Vertigo

dr. priyal doshi

I am fortunate to help patients live better, happier lives.

Dr. Priyal Doshi

Founder, TheraWays

Other Specialties

Like sports medicine, TheraWays offers dance medicine – or integrative physical therapy – that is specific to dance-related injuries, care, prevention with focus on specific movements, posture and balance training to prepare for a safe return to dance  Being passionate about dance, fitness and a mother of two boys, Priyal has a special interest and possesses advanced skills to treat dancers and women with different health conditions like Urinary incontinence and prolapse.

Dance Medicine

Women’s Health

Yoga Instructor

TheraWays founder Priyal Doshi has practiced yoga since she was 3. She traveled to Mumbai, India 2006 to earn her yoga teacher training at the world’s oldest and most respected yoga center, The Yoga Institute.

Her advanced yoga students enjoy her deep knowledge of the practice and her ability to connect eastern and western yoga styles. Beginners appreciate her gentle guidance. Her students also find stress relief and overall wellness from her guided meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises).

Her personal passions are music, dance and yoga. She lives with her husband, Snehal, and their young children, Sheal and Arneal, in Alpharetta.