Performing artists require an enormous amount of athleticism, which makes dancers susceptible to distinct injuries in comparison to those in other sports, specifically those that are field or court-based. The training and self-discipline necessary for the individual to become a dancer are potential sources of physical and emotional strain that may result in temporary or extended disability. Therefore, the treatment of dancers (dance medicine) requires a familiarity with their needs and an extensive knowledge of the culture and demands of their sport to properly diagnose injuries and return athletes quickly and safely to activity.

The performance of dance, in whatever form, can result in physical injury that may be acute or chronic due to overuse. At TheraWays, our Dance Medicine patients receive:

  • care with latest technology
  • skills from various manual therapy techniques 
  • Mat yoga and Aerial yoga to improve flexibility, strength and balance. 

We treat our patients so that they can return to pursuing their passion more confidently.