How Yoga Helps to Build Your Body and Mind

by | Apr 6, 2020

Yoga has been around for centuries now. According to Indian scriptures, the word ‘Yoga’ means to unite and the numerous benefits of this ancient art on mind, body and spirit have been proven scientifically. Besides, millions of people all over the world have been practising Yoga for centuries and stand testimony to the fact that the virtues of this practice are huge.

Yoga refers to the fusion of mind, body and spirit through meditation, breathing exercises and physical postures. The practise of Yoga thus leads to a harmony of these three elements of our being and a state of holistic wellness.

Yoga for physical fitness

Yoga postures can be practised by anyone at any place and with minimal requirements. It does not involve the use of any equipment as such and one can easily do it at home too. Incorporating yoga in your daily lifestyle can benefit your health in several ways; among other things, it has been proven to lower blood pressure, reduce insomnia and help with weight management issues. It works on toning the muscles, keeping the body in shape and increasing metabolism. Breathing exercises lead to improved respiration, bringing about an increase in vigour and vitality. According to a leading practitioner, Yoga is more powerful than what is normally perceived; it has the ability to transform the body and relax the mind as well. 

Holistic wellness for mind and spirit

The regular practice of Yoga instils good mood, a great sense of self compassion and increased mindfulness. Stress and anxiety has been a part and parcel of our everyday lives. Breathing exercises and meditation can help considerably if you suffer from a chronic depression and anxiety disorders. People have also vouched for achieving an increased level of spiritual upliftment due to practising yoga every day. It is said to induce an increased sense of connectedness with the spirit or God and also bring about a feeling of transcendence.