How Yoga and Wellness Helps Relax Mind and Body

by | May 1, 2020

The benefits of yoga are proven and time tested. In fact, studies have proven the deeper effects of the practice on wellness of body and mind. Yoga helps to maintain physical fitness and good heath; further research proves its effectiveness in fine tuning an individuals mental acuity.

Decades ago, when American physician Dr. Dean Michael Ornish stated the importance of physical fitness in curing many diseases of the body and mind, little did he know that the practice would become a regular feature in the coming years. He started to integrate Yoga with modern medicine and formulated programs that benefitted millions of individuals. At the time, this was considered an offbeat practice. In the present scenario, doctors, scientists, physicians, neuroscientists and psychologists have evidence proving the benefits of this ancient art and have combined elements of yoga in their practices.

Yoga and meditation practices have been found to be tremendously effective in relieving individuals of pain and physical discomfort. Yoga mindfulness techniques have been used as a therapy to fight depression and anxiety. Moreover, yogic asanas combined with meditation have long lasting changes in the brain structure; individuals have been found to be able to better manage their emotions and situations by practicing yoga regularly. It helps to uplift your mood and instills a happy state of being. When you practice asanas, it helps you stretch your muscles and relax them as well. Breathing exercises like Pranayama slows down your heart and helps in getting good sleep and rest.

Remaining young and ageless is something that all of us desire. Well, the mantra is – start practicing Yoga daily and then you can maintain the fountain of youth as there is evidence to suggest that it impacts the aging process by making remarkable changes in cellular processes.

People of all age groups and mobility can easily and safely begin a practice of yoga. Yoga requires minimal accessories and can be practiced at home, in a studio, or even outdoors! 

Want to try and explore the world of Yoga? I bet you would!