Yoga has been a part of Melea Emilio’s life for over 10 years. After taking her first yoga class all those years ago that post-shavasana feeling is what keeps her coming back and wanting to share this beautiful feeling with others. Life takes us on many journeys and in 2016 Melea completed the journey of becoming a RYT-200HR yoga teacher at Om Sweet Om in New York. This was just the beginning. She completed her Restorative Yoga training in late 2016 and Bridge to Lotus Training with Dana Trixie Flynn in 2017. She is looking forward to many more trainings to come!

As a yoga instructor, Melea truly believes that yoga is for everybody whether you’ve just stepped on the mat for the first time or you’re trying to master that handstand without the wall. Taking a yoga class should be fun! You should be free to laugh, try new things, fall out of a pose and come back again. We have precious few “free” hours in our days and the hour you spend at yoga should be something you enjoy. Through dynamic flows and creative sequences Melea hopes to leave everyone refreshed, renewed and relaxed after each class. She is thrilled to be a part of the Theraways team