How mindfulness can help build resilience and well-being in individuals

by | Mar 3, 2020

In the wake of the fact that stress has become synonymous with the modern day lifestyle, more and more people are showing inclinations and resorting towards wellness techniques to maintain a healthy state of being. As a result of this, lots of practices that promote healthy lifestyles have come to light, of which mindfulness technique is one of the most popularly accepted forms.

What is mindfulness actually?

In simple terms, it is a state of being watchful of one’s own emotions and thoughts so as to have a better control over them. When we are fully present in the moment and start observing the upheavals of the mind as a mere spectator, we can avoid getting affected by the eventful happenings in our lives and thus able to come up with solutions with a calm mind.

One of the primary benefits of practicing mindfulness in our day to day life is that it helps build tremendous amounts of resilience in individuals, as a result of which it becomes easier to spring back into normalcy without much ado. Just like mindfulness, well-being is a natural state of every human; it is inherent in nature. However, most of us are unaware of the fact and thus require a constant practice of the same. It soon starts becoming a habit that reprograms the mind to act in better and more tactful ways. Not only do such practices lift an individual’s mental, physical and emotional state of being, but they are also important for sustainable development of countries, as endorsed by World Happiness Reports, based on studies conducted in 156 countries.

The following tips can help you take progressive steps towards a transformative social being:

  1. Practice mindfulness as a way of living more than just meditation.
  2. Have an optimistic approach towards life including seeing adversity as opportunities of self-development.
  3. Develop social circles or hobbies for self-engagement.
  4. Make a conscious decision and attempt to come out of a depressed state of mind.
  5. Accept that adversities and changes are part and parcel of life.