How the Practice of Yoga Can Lift Your Spirits

by | Jan 2, 2020

The evolution of mankind on Earth has been a constant process and has led to a slow, gradual and significant advancement in their lifestyles. Over the past few decades, this phenomenon has been increasing by leaps and bounds, leading to the emergence of a sedentary lifestyle. This in turn has given rise to numerous health ailments. As such, holistic awareness and related practices, as a viewpoint for a better life is being seen by health practitioners and health conscious people, as an evident option. The practice of Yoga tops the list of holistic choices made by people worldwide.

The roots of this ancient holistic and spiritual practice dates way back to the medieval period of history in India. Literally meaning, union, it is a proven method of the confluence of body and mind. Apart from a multitude of physical and mental benefits that yoga offers, the impact it has on the psychological, cognitive and emotional aspects of an individual’s being is very significant too. Over the past few years, people have been opting for Yoga as a respite against ailments like depression, anxiety and stress. Studies show that this practice increases the production of amino-butyric acid or GABA in the brain which otherwise goes low when a person is sad or depressed.

Consistent practice of Yoga has been shown to have considerable positive effects on the stress levels and even the immune systems of the body. Yoga helps the endocrine system to function well, resulting in releasing hormones that control depression and uplift moods. It boosts self-confidence, increases a sense of self-awareness and destroys self-destructive patterns, thus instilling a strong sense of security and well-being in an individual. 

In the truest sense, “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”