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The best physical therapy experience!! I have been suffering from TMJ pain for many years and have tried every possible treatment including seeing a TMJ specialist, having a night guard and all kinds of anti-inflammatory pain meds. Since Dr. Doshi has a unique perspective on TMJ pain as she suffers form it herself she immediately could tell how bad/advanced my diagnosis was. For the first time I felt relief. With combined treatment of physical therapy and dry needling I saw a great deal of improvement. I am never leaving Dr. Doshi as she is by far the best, most talented and excellent physical therapist I have ever met.
dhatri bhatt
00:55 19 Jun 20
I have nothing but good to say about TheraWays!I had torn my MCL due to a skiing accident and was really struggling to even walk. Within 4 sessions, I've been walking up and down stairs with ease, and have regained almost all of my range of motion. I highly recommend Priyal, She is very thorough and knowledgeable.
Emily Magstadt
02:02 19 Feb 20
Priyal is a miracle worker! I had debilitating migraines and tension headaches for a few months and tried pretty much everything with little effect before I found Priyal. She is extremely thorough, uses modern approaches and truly cares for her patients. She is the best and would recommend her to anyone in need of a PT!
Brian White
15:17 14 Feb 20
My first attempt at arial yoga and just love it. Thank you Priyal!
Heleen Honeyborne
23:09 17 Jan 20
I have had the most amazing experience at Theraways! It is a place where women`s issues are addressed including all levels of Yoga. Dr. Doshi is multi-skilled. She has a doctorate in physical therapy as well as being an osteopath and yoga instructor. My physical therapy there is outstanding. Dr. Doshi is an excellent physical therapist. She is also supportive and very caring. One can tell that she really enjoys what she does. After my physical therapy I will be able to continue with Yoga. Thank you Dr. Doshi! Sandra Taylor-Anderson Ph.D.
Sandra Taylor-Anderson
03:33 06 Apr 19
Excellent yoga and wellness studio, all new equipment, conveniently located near Downtown Alpharetta. Very friendly staff that is committed to your overall well being!
Karim M
00:34 04 Apr 19
I’ve never seen such a combo of yoga, PT, and all around health/ well being. They meet you where you are and help you get where you want to be through not just time at their incredible studio, but lifestyle modifications and follow up to be sure goals are met— and adjusting if not.
Ashish Advani
14:50 24 Mar 19
Theraways is unique for many reasons but I am so thankful I have it close to my home. Dr. Doshi helped calm my nervous system from always being on the go with some of her motivating and encouraging yoga classes! Her ambviance is very soothing and calm. She cares for all her clients and patients and I am thankful I have found her! If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be living my life the way I am now; a more balanced, calmer and relaxed way of lifestyle. I would encourage anyone to come try her classes and/or seek her for Physical Therapy. She provides a diverse background and always knows what the right method is for healing her patients on a case by case basis.
Ana Cortes
13:18 24 Mar 19
Along with a peaceful location and vibe, Dr. Doshi taught a wonderful yoga class this morning. It was exactly what I needed!
Jennifer Lariosa
18:30 23 Mar 19
Dr. Priyal Doshi is an excellent Physical Therapist, Yoga instructor and Osteo-adjuster. I have suffered from lower back pain, neck pain and muscle spasms from Scoliosis and cervical fusion for years. Within one month of Dr Priyal's Physical Therapy and Yoga Therapy maintenance program, I am experiencing a BIG difference, and it feels GREAT! Spinal headaches, back/neck pain and muscle spasms have limited my daily functions for as long as I can remember. These symptoms often left me in bed on heat/ice for relief, and no sooner than I tried to return to my regular routine I would find myself in excruciating pain again. This has been a repetitive cycle for years... until I met Dr. Priyal. Since my treatments began with Dr. Priyal my muscle spasms are naturally releasing, and I'm no longer taking 800mg of Motrin to do daily tasks or muscle relaxers to release spasms after a full day. I no longer feel as stiff; have had a lot more energy, and activities that formerly confined me to my bed no longer have that debilitating impact. Dr. Priyal takes the time to listen to her patiens' concerns and does not try to treat patients with a one size fits all treatment approach. I really appreciate how she changes the therapy every time to fit my needs and tries new things each time...it never has had the same ole routine feeling. She also helps me push myself but within healthy limits and never so far that I hurt myself. I have not felt this refreshed or encouraged in years! I had never tried Yoga therapy before last month, but I wanted a maintenance therapy program that would compliment the Physical Therapy and healing long-term. The proof is in the results! The combination of PT and Yoga Therapy has brought lasting results. THANK YOU DR. PRIYAL DOSHI. I recommend anyone with stiffness, joint-pain, muscle spasm, back or neck pain to give Dr. Priyal's Physical Therapy and Yoga Therapy maintenance program at TheraWays in Alpharetta, Georgia a try. You will be amazed with the results!!!
DaVel Walker
19:37 26 Feb 19
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