Yoga For Everyone

Individuals at every age and fitness level are welcome to make the mind and body connection at TheraWays. Improve your flexibility, strength, balance, focus, breathing and ability to relax here.

TheraWays offers a variety of yoga classes like Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Pranayama, Guided Meditation, Yoga for Kids. We also offer special classes like Yoga Cardio, Yoga Stretch/flexibility, Yoga Stability, Yoga Strength, Yoga Strong. 

Everyone can benefit from the practice of yoga, which helps us all achieve a higher level of mind, body and spiritual wellness. However, here are a few examples of how it benefits our physical therapy patients:

Yoga for back pain
Our patients with back pain benefit from one-on-one physical therapy and yoga. After treatment is complete, patients can benefit from a lifetime of yoga practice, which helps them to increase and maintain their flexibility, strength and balance, minimizing their back pain. At TheraWays we have an ability to guide patients to participate in specific types of yoga with specific back condition.

Yoga for women with pelvic health challenges
Women with pelvic floor challenges, like urinary incontinence or any other pelvic discomfort, can benefit from physical therapy. Specific yoga exercises can help maintain the level of function achieved in physical therapy. At TheraWays we will take care of our clients with specific needs.

Yoga for breast cancer patients
Patients who have undergone mastectomy for breast cancer can benefit from physical therapy and yoga therapy to improve the shoulder range of motion and improve breathing patterns. In yoga therapy, we help these mentally strong women become physically strong again.